There are lots of ways that organisations can approach implementing values. Some might chose values based on what they think they should have; they might look at the values they think a great organisation has.


At Persona we believe that it works the other way round. Our values start with our staff so we wanted to build on the values we knew our staff already had - it is these which make us unique as an organisation.


That’s why the REACH values were launched at our staff workshops in 2018.  They have been built from staff feedback and are based on the things that we see every day within the organisation and the things which staff have said matter to them. There is nothing new in the values – having them is simply about Persona being more conscious of them and helping them to become more apparent in every one of us more often.


Why do we need values?

Values help to give us a consistency within the organisation. This means that it feels like a better place to work and should also feel more consistent for the people we support.


What are the behaviour statements?

The behaviour statements help to explain what we mean by each value and they show examples of what that value looks like in practice.


Where are the values used?

We've embedded the values in to everything we do across Persona; not only our recruitment processes but we are also including them in our ID badge lanyards, team meetings, supervisions, the PersonAwards nominations and in lots of other places.


To read our values in full click here