Persona welcomes the Care Control team

Posted on
04 April 2022

Click here to read a quick summary about what Care Control is.

Two key members from the Care Control management team visited us on Tuesday 1st March - James Charlesworth, Director Commercial Operations, and Jenna Whitehead, Key Account Manager. James has been working with us for some time, on our contract and Persona requirements for further development of the Care Control system; whereas Jenna has just recently joined the Care Control team and her role will ensure we get everything we need from the software and the support team.

Care Control are based in Tavistock, Devon, but Jenna is in Stockport which means we will have a more localised support contact going forward. It was important that someone in the North West was recruited as other local companies, such as Aspire (Salford) and MioCare (Oldham), have signed up to use Care Control as their digital supplier and Clair (Performance and Projects Manager) has been working with both companies to share experiences and learn from our roll out so far. As we are ahead of them on our journey with the system, James and Jenna wanted to visit our bases to hear about our progress while using Care Control.

They visited Peachment place in the morning and spoke with Lizzie Coltman (Head of Operations), Anna Craig (Extra Care Manager) and Leanne Taylor (Deputy Manager) about the packages of care we offer, our services and how the services are organised. Some feedback was provided regarding the software to encourage future improvements to the application, and Jenna arranged for some management information training to be enrolled to the services using the software - Extra Care and Learning Disability Day Services.

Whilst at The Elms, James and Jenna were given a tour of the building by Lisa McLaughlin (Support Coordinator), and were able to see the people we support enjoying a session of music and movement. Rob Laing (Day Services Manager), Lisa and groups of staff met with them to provide feedback on the use of Care Control when recording: care notes, fluid monitoring, activites, and noting incidents

Our staff are having a positive experience using the system as there is a speech-to-text function which makes note taking less time consuming, and something they can do throughout the day. Before the Care Control system, staff would take notes at the end of their shift when the people they support had left, this made it harder for them to remember everything that had happened during the day in a lot of detail. Now, they can take notes on multiple people at once whilst being able to enjoy the moment and take photographs too!

There was a slight issue with the length of time it was taking for the handsets to synchronise for offling working when staff log in; however, after a quick discussion, Clair was advised to change some of the system's settings, and this has sped things up a lot! 

Jenna is keen to visit more bases and to meet more of our staff - and we can't wait to have her back!


Clair MacKinnon

Performance and Projects Manager



If you want to know more, click here to be directed to Care Control's website. 

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