Safer Internet Day

Posted on
06 February 2024

Stay safe online with our top tips for #SaferInternetDay


Use a secure connection

Think about what information you share or access online in a public place. Do your internet banking on a secure connection and keep your device’s antivirus up to date.


Choose strong passwords

‘Strong’ means unique and complex - at least 15 characters long with a mix of letters, numbers and special characters like £ or ! or &.


Not sure? Don't click!

Don't click on anything you aren't sure of and definitely don't download anything from a site you don't trust. Cybercriminals will use interesting content as bait.


Don't share personal information

Your date of birth, address & relationship status can give away your passwords, even in quizzes that ask for these details. Sharing holiday dates could make your home a target for thieves. Keep your privacy settings on.


Think about what you post

Even if you delete a post or comment, it may still show in other people's feeds and can be shared. Don't post anything you wouldn't be happy for your mum or your boss (current and future) to see.