Shared Lives Week

Posted on
29 June 2023

We invited all our new carers and applicants and our cherished long time carers to celebrate Shared Lives Week along with the people we support.


We held a get together with a buffet lunch and shared our successes and news - Macc, fresh from his trip to Buckingham Palace, shared exciting news of another recent award; he has won Prestwich Carnival Young Person of the Year!


Carers got a special thank you too, with chocolates, bumper stickers and a thank you card sent to their homes - we're so grateful for everything they do to make the scheme the success it is for the people who use it.


You can read all our Bury Shared Lives stories here, or click on the links below to read more about our stories about the day support and short breaks we are providing to people in Bury.


Feeling inspired?

If you'd like to learn more about Bury Shared Lives, or about becoming a carer with us, click here.