Sunnybank gets a defibrillator

Posted on
26 January 2021

Jack Rogerson, a local man from the Elton area of Bury, had his life saved by a defibrillator. He has since made it his mission to get as many defibrillators into the communities of the Bury area as possible, to maybe save other lives. Jack fundraises to buy the defibrillators and asks for help to install and maintain them. As the nearest one in the Sunnybank area was Morrison’s, he approached Sunnybank and, being a community centre, he asked if Persona could help.

Persona was only too happy to help and as a result, strengthen our community in Whitefield. The defibrillator went live on Christmas Eve and is based at the front entrance of Sunnybank. It’s a great asset for the local area.

Thank you Jack for asking Persona to part of this excellent mission. 


Ann Porter, Sunnybank's Support Coordinator is proud to have the defibrillator stationed at Sunnybank.