Living the Values - Enthusiastic

Posted on
09 July 2018

We can all bounce like Tigger!

Enthusiasm is underpinned by all of the principles of Art of Brilliance. Taking a positive outlook in life, feeling in control and putting in 100% all sit hand in hand with being enthusiastic. So with all the work we’ve done around this we should all be experts!!

When we live the enthusiastic value we see opportunities not barriers. We feel like we can achieve anything and have fun in the process. Who wouldn’t want to feel that way?

What’s more enthusiasm is infectious. It’s our gift to others to motivate them and lift their spirits. It’s such an important value to uphold because of its impact on the wellbeing of the person themselves and everyone around them.

So what does it look like when someone is living the enthusiastic value? Our Enthusiastic champions look like this:

  • They will be working hard but making it fun
  • They’ll be coming up with ideas about what more they could do and how things could be better
  • They are keen to learn new things. Training is something they look forward to
  • They will be reliable and have good attendance – nothing seems to knock them off course


I hope you all know one because work would be a much duller and harder place without our enthusiastic colleagues.

So on the counter side what does it look like when we aren’t living our enthusiastic value? Quite simply we lose our bounce. People spend their time moaning or complaining, everything feels like a problem, work feels like a grind. Not a great place to work that’s for sure – but also not a great place to receive your support from.

We all have days where it’s hard to live the enthusiastic value. But even on those days doing some simple things like smiling and focussing on our 3 good things can get us back in the zone. Better for us, better for our colleagues and better for our customers. Everyone wins!