Living the Values - Respectful

Posted on
09 May 2018

Since we launched our values we’ve been working hard to recognise when we see them in practice; I see loads of examples where we live the values and get it right, some of which are showcased in the newsletter through the Hive Five’s section.  

Rewarding achievement when we get it right is really important, but it’s also important to reflect and learn when we get some of those values wrong. We’re only human and there are occasions when we don’t live the values as fully as we may like.

On these occasions the best thing to do is be honest with ourselves and commit to make a change which helps us get it right more often. Unfortunately, we might not always be aware of when we don’t live the values so here are a couple of examples to help you reflect.


Examples of not living the Respectful value:

  • Talking over people or interrupting
  • Being late for meetings
  • Dismissing someone’s idea or opinion


The purpose of reflecting isn’t to beat ourselves up. It’s simply to understand what it can be like to be on the receiving end of it. If we can understand how we might come across to others then we can do something actively to try and make that a better experience. In these examples that will mean people find us more respectful which can only be a good thing.