Anne's living situation (which was outside of Bury) broke down, so she needed somewhere to stay while Shared Lives found somewhere more permanent for her to live.


She told us

'I needed emergency short stay* accommodation, with a carer's support to enable me to be independent.

Everything happened quite quickly but I got to meet the carers and their family beforehand. The next morning we signed the agreement that I would stay with the family until I found a more independent place to live. I felt very welcome; another lady who lives with the family through Shared Lives made a card to welcome me.

While I was staying with them, I had some day support from my carer too. I enjoyed being in a new area and we often went out so I could look around. I liked taking the dog on walks too!

I had never used Shared Lives before, but they stepped in and found me accommodation really quickly. I loved the fact that the carer was so welcoming; they were very nice and took an interest in me. 

My emergency placement has finished now as I've found a new place to live more independently, in an area I am familiar with - I hope it will be my forever home.

I think Shared Lives is a really good idea - they helped me and even now I know I could call them about anything and they'd be there. I'm looking for some day support with them now and am really excited to start the matching process!

It was great staying at the house, it felt like a mini holiday!'



*also known as respite



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