Barbara - On Enjoying her days at Grundy Hub and using its Bathing Service

Posted on
24 June 2024

Barbara has been coming to Grundy Hub for 6 years and really enjoys her day with us; she meets all sorts of different people, "it's great to have a variety of people to talk to and the staff are wonderful with everyone".    

Coming to the centre is important to her because although she appreciates her independence and likes her own space, "isolation stops you being who you are".

Barbara's visits to Grundy Hub provide her with more than opportunities to socialise though; she has always been a keen customer of the bathing service, which was refurbished in 2018.  She says the improvements are very prettily done and have been "worth every penny".     

She places a lot of importance on looking after herself, "keeping herself nice", choosing her clothes and having her nails done, and her weekly visits to the centre help her to do that. 

She appreciates how important it is to be able to have a lovely warm bath and understands why the service is so busy!

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