Edrina's day support role for Bury Shared Lives

Posted on
01 February 2022

Edrina is a carer for Bury Shared Lives and provides day support to Jessica and Katrina. Jessica has lived with Edrina’s mum, Joanna, on a long-term placement since 2010 and Katrina has lived there since 2020.

"It’s been challenging, especially with the pandemic, but we have a brilliant bond - we all have a good relationship and look after one another. We all three regularly do our sessions together but I ensure that at least once a week I spend quality time with each of the ladies. This is essential for our bonding, and also ensures they both have their separate time from one another as living in the same house altogether can be difficult at times." She says

The regular activities Katrina, Jessica and Edrina do together include:

  • dancing, walking and workout routines
  • practicing counting, the alphabet, words and constructing sentences.
  • Movie nights, foot spas and nail painting, makeup and hair sessions.
  • Outings on occasion – going for meals, shopping, cinema trips, day trips to the zoo, aquarium, parks, outside of Manchester for example.


Since November 2020, Edrina has also supported James* "although it feels as though we have known each other much longer" she says. He loves to walk, which they normally do in his local area but they have plans to go further afield once Covid restrictions and the cold weather allow.

 "James usually gives me a history lesson every time we go out! Spending time with him is the definition of the phrase 'you learn something new every day'. When it's warm enough we stop on our walks for a good chat, opening up to one another about what's on our minds. I’ve built up a really good friendship with James, and him and his mum regularly bake bread for me and my family.”


Being a Bury Shared Lives carer isn’t Edrina’s only role though; watch the video below to find out how she combined her day support hours with her studies. She has now qualified as a lawyer.



*some names have been changed to protect people’s privacy

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