David's Friendship Circle

Posted on
20 February 2024

David, who uses our Shared Lives service, has been going to Prestwich Friendship Circle since 2012 and says 'it's great! Everyone is so welcoming and it feels like a big family'. 

We asked him to tell us more about it:

The Friendship Circle is a Jewish Centre, which was set up in 2008. It is based in Prestwich and you pay different prices depending on the session, for example, the Monday Art Club is 7:30-8:30 and is £4 a session. On Tuesday there is a drop in with snacks from 1-2:30 so people can get together and socialise.

I heard about the circle from my mum and we do all sorts of different activities there. In arts and crafts we draw, make Hannukah cards or decorations for different festivals,  we have Hannukah parties and doughnuts with friends. We also have groups doing things like theatre trips, meals or going to the zoo, all things that people might not usually do, so it is good to have a go and join in.

Once a year we go to Wales or the Lake District, we have been on boats and I really like these trips as I like the scenery. I had never done anything like this before I came to the Friendship Circle and I think this is the best thing about the circle! I like the fact I can meet new people and go to new places with my friends.

I love socialising and making friends; I have made many close friends at the circle and we go out for dinner sometimes.

My favourite thing is the Shabbat meals that the circle hosts over winter. The Shabbat is the day of rest, when the sun goes down on Friday night, we light candles and bless them, then we will say a blessing to the bread and wine. We will have soup, then chicken, potatoes and vegetables and cake for dessert.

If someone was thinking of joining the Friendship Circle, I'd say it's great! Everyone is so welcoming, and it feels like a big family. You can just turn up on the day for anything you want to try. It’s a good place for Jewish people to come to and feel more involved with their community and religion. They have a website and you can see some of the things we do on there too, you can visit the website here.


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