Jessica is a valued member of the family with Shared Lives

Posted on
02 July 2019

Jessica is a young lady with Down’s Syndrome and had spent much of her childhood moving between foster carers. Jessica moved in with Joanna and her family for long term care in 2010, when she was 18 years old and she instantly formed a close bond with her new family. She loves her new brother and sister and especially being aunty to little Mila.

Jessica goes to day centre every week day which she enjoys but she always looks forward to shopping trips and spending girly days with her Shared Lives sister Edrina. Jessica likes to look nice and enjoys having her nails painted and having her hair done. Jessica also loves spending time in the garden on the trampoline and playing with the family dog, Jess.

Joanna describes Jessica as being “..a valued member of the family, a part of their extended family who takes part in all aspects of our family’s life.”

Joanna tells how Jessica has made great progress since living with them. Jessica’s speech, social skills and day-to-day skills have come along better than they could ever have expected.

Pictured (from left to right) are Joanna, Jessica, Rachel and Mila.

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