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Posted on
02 February 2021

Julie and Mark have been Shared Lives carers for many years, but they used to be registered with Bolton. They made the move to Bury Shared Lives in 2013, just so that they could provide respite for Gary, who lives with a member of their family.

Because Gary already knew them, he immediately got consistency, familiarity and flexibility during his stays away from home. His respite with Julie and Mark has always been a vital link in Gary's support chain, but especially during the lockdowns of 2020 and 2021, it has proved a lifeline for this social butterfly and has also eased the pressure on his full time carers.

Julie and Mark are local business owners who have incorporated their Shared Lives roles with running their small pie shop and bakery by supporting Gary to work there at the weekends. He values being busy and loves contributing to society in a meaningful way. Julie and Mark recognised this and his role in the business means that he keeps active in a way that has value and dignity.


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