Karen & Edwina - Forever Friends at Grundy Hub

Posted on
04 March 2022

Karen and Edwina met during their Monday sessions at Grundy Hub and 'we've known each other since 2015' Karen explains.

'We just sort of clicked', says Edwina and 'we regularly bring photographs to show one another and swap magazines and things' Karen finishes. 

In fact the pair keep in touch throughout the rest of the week too - 'so that I can hear what Karen is saying, she puts me on FaceTime so that I can see her lips, then it's easy for me' Edwina explains. 

Karen says coming to Grundy Hub 'encourages friendships and we do lots of different activities. I have quite a few health issues and I only went out about four or five times a year before I came here. It just makes so much difference to have somebody to talk to. It's nice to be able to talk to Edwina because I feel like she's a part of my extended family now'. 

And what are Edwina's thoughts on the best thing about Grundy Hub? 'Meeting Karen, for me.'



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