Macc helps the police

Posted on
30 January 2024

Macc has been awarded a certificate by the police for his help with an accident. He says:


'I was walking near Radcliffe Tesco and a car driver who was speeding crashed into a person who was on the pavement. I called an ambulance and they stayed on the phone with me until the police arrived a couple of minutes later. They shut the road and diverted traffic so the ambulance could get there.

I'm a community first aider with St John's Ambulance service so I knew what to do, and the emergency services helped me over the phone. Some people passing by helped me, as doing CPR is very tiring. There is a defibrillator outside Tesco too, which we had to use.

I felt shocked after it all happened. The police asked me to go to the police station and give them a statement about what I saw. Sadly the person who was hit by the car passed away.

The police have given me a certificate to say thank you for helping them. I'm very proud that I was able to stay calm and help out.'


Macc's certificate says:

Thank you for helping divert traffic and providing first aid before the ambulance came.



The Shared Lives team have been there alongside the people who support Macc, to help him navigate this upsetting situation. We're very proud of how much he helped and how well he is dealing with what happened.



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