Volunteering at Bury Pride

Posted on
20 June 2024

I've just volunteered for the second time at Bury Pride. I started volunteering as it helps me to mix with new people and also learn new skills and get more confident.

Bury Pride is a celebration for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people (LGBTQI+). It celebrates acceptance and equality for everyone involved. There are lots of festivals and parades that go on during pride month in many cities and towns and there are lots of pride flags everywhere in bright colours.

At Bury Pride 2024 I was doing the sound for the main stage. On the main stage there were various singers and acts, so my job was to project the sound and lighting for the audience. I got to use a new sound desk which I hadn't used before and I enjoyed that, as well as getting to meet new people.

My favourite parts were when all the volunteers got on the stage to the YMCA dance and I also got free ice cream and a slushie from Shez' Whippy ice cream!




Click on these links to find out more about what LGBTQI+ means, or the difference between sex and gender.


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