Macc's day support placement

Posted on
05 December 2023

I decided to get a day support placement with Shared Lives because of my health and so I can access the community and do some new activities and try new things.

It was easy to do, as Diane helped me all through the process and took me to meet Sophie, we talked about what foods I like and don’t like such as tomatoes. We also talked about what we had in common and what activities I would like to do then decided together on a day each week I would have my day support with Sophie. With Sophie we did gardening when the weather was nice, went for walks around Heaton Park or Burrs and did some cooking, or watched musicals on TV. I also did workouts and training sometimes with her partner, Rob.

Now I have day support with Lee and Sue; I go after college and we have been making Christmas cake, volunteering at Burrs doing litter picking and we've walked up Holcombe Hill.

Shared Lives has helped me to develop my life and do the things I want to do as I attend the committee meetings and have started to plan them with Mo and take the minutes, I have helped organize events such as the Macmillan coffee morning which I am looking forward too, and I have done some DJing at the events which I am also doing at the Persona Awards.

Lee tells us

“It's been interesting learning about Macc’s life and what he does, he has taught us some new things too”. 


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