Sarisa's Trip to the Dentist

Posted on
09 November 2022

We know that smiles matter, so looking after your teeth is important!

Sarisa had to have her wisdom tooth out because it hadn't grown out properly and became very painful. She says: 'I was happy to have it done, but scared as well. My Shared Lives family helped me make the decision to have my tooth out and Joanne (her Bury Shared Lives carer) came with me to the dentist. Because she couldn't hold my hand, she held my ankle instead! I was scared but the dentist numbed my mouth and afterwards I felt shaky and tired but I was glad I had it done. I couldn't have a hot drink for a little while and had soup for my tea that day.

'It's important to go to the dentist regularly so you don't get toothache and also to go for things like this if they need doing, so you will feel better.'

Sarisa has set her tooth in resin as a memento:


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