Sheila settles into Pinfold Suite at Grundy Hub

Posted on
15 June 2022

Sheila loves music. Here she is playing musical bingo, singing along to the tunes as they play.


Sheila started coming to Grundy Hub for a couple of reasons. Firstly, so she could meet people and have the chance to join in with activities and secondly because her husband Donald, who is her carer, had been ill and needed some support.

After a few months it was clear that Sheila, who lives with Dementia, needed more specialist support than Grundy Hub could give her, so she and her husband decided she should try Pinfold Suite instead. 


The Pinfold Suite has been specifically designed to meet the needs of people living with Dementia; it also has a higher ratio of staff to people who use the service and the types of activities at Pinfold are carefully chosen for their pace; to suit people living with more advanced Dementia.

In the past when the Pinfold service was in Whitefield, this move would have meant a greater upheaval to Sheila's routine; she would have had to get used to new staff as well as a new route to a different building. However, in 2021 Pinfold Suite opened at Grundy Hub, so when the decision was made to move, Sheila had already met some of the Pinfold staff and recognised them at times. Donald feels this has made the transition much smoother for her; knowing Sheila was still in familiar surroundings made it easier for him too.


Sheila quickly settled into Pinfold Suite and Donald is really pleased with the support she is getting there. He has commented on how well she looks and it's clear that because she is more relaxed in her new environment, her overall wellbeing has improved too. Donald is also getting a real break, as he isn't worried about Sheila having to cope with a new situation while she is at Grundy Hub. It was definitely the right move for both of them.



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