Sophie's Pride

Posted on
20 June 2024


To celebrate Pride month, Sophie talked to us about her experience of being involved in the Bury LGBTQI community and about volunteering for Bury Pride.


LGBTQI means people like me like to dress differently, like somebody of the same sex or might not know and be questioning themselves.

Because I am bisexual, I like to mix with people who understand me and I don’t have to pretend I am someone I’m not. Being involved in a group like Bury LGBTQI forum is important to me because I can share my stories and I like to help others by showing support and understanding. It also helps people to report any bad things that might have happened to anyone. The group helps people understand who they are and what pride is all about and that it is okay to be different.

Since I joined the group I have learnt the difference between trans(gender) and transvestite, which I feel is important to know so that I can be supportive in the right way. 

We do lots of activities in the group like writing and badge making. When we write things down its like a diary so if I am upset or angry and I’m not ready to say it yet I write it until I am ready. We also have a group get together where we tell each other a bit about ourselves and talk about anything we need to. Its like a mini social club, which I really like.


In 2023 I got the King's Award for volunteering in Bury Pride. It made me feel really proud, I was nervous when I received it but very proud of myself.

I volunteered at Bury Pride again in 2024. I made sure the people there were okay and helped them if they needed anything. The thing I enjoyed most was the entertainment, it was very good.


I think the best thing about volunteering is I get to meet new people; sometimes I can be shy, and I think this has made me more confident. Initially when I first started I nervous, but I’m not anymore!
If you're thinking about volunteering, I would say, if you're brave enough then just do it! Its really good to do.


Sophie has also featured on Bury Pride's website here.


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Sophie uses our Bury Shared Lives scheme.

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