Verity has been using Shared Lives for some time now and is excited to be part of the Shared Lives panel, interviewing applicants on behalf of people who use the scheme and helping decide whether they can be carers.

The panel is made up of care professionals and Verity has worked with the Shared Lives Committee to write some questions about things they consider to be important when choosing carers to work with us.

“I enjoyed interviewing because I like meeting new people. Diane had told me what to expect and she was there to help me all the way through.

Because I am supported by Shared Lives, I understand what makes someone a good carer.

I was a bit nervous at my first panel meeting, but when everyone joined the meeting and we introduced ourselves I felt ok and wasn’t nervous anymore. Afterwards, I felt relieved that I had done it and now I know what to expect next time and I feel a bit excited about doing it again.” Verity says.

Diane, Shared Lives Development Officer, adds “I think that it is important for the people Shared Lives supports to be a part of the panel process so that they can be advocates for other people who use our scheme, as they has a real understanding of what makes a good carer.


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