Wilf - 'I Love Coming to Grundy Hub'

Posted on
15 June 2022

As you can see,  Wilf loves dancing. He also enjoys people watching, reading and chatting with friends in the Peel Lounge - and there are opportunities to do all of these things at Grundy Hub.


Wilf is living with Dementia, so he has a limited short term memory and has to ask lots of questions to check and clarify certain things throughout the day. Wilf's wife Maureen was finding his constant questions very difficult, so Wilf started going to Pinfold Lane Day Centre, which specialised in caring for people living with Dementia. This carer's break meant Maureen got a rest and some time to herself during the day, while Wilf really enjoyed the activities and company at Pinfold.


In 2021 Pinfold Lane relocated to The Pinfold Suite at Grundy Hub. A lot of careful planning ensured that Wilf and his Pinfold friends moved to Grundy Hub with minimum upheaval and they soon settled, with each other's familiar company, into the same sorts of activities they are used to.


Because Grundy Hub has a wider variety of people going to it than Pinfold had, Wilf was asked whether he would like to try joining in activities in the main hub, where he would meet people living with less advanced Dementia from all sorts of different backgrounds, all with stories to tell. He agreed to give it a go and soon loved being in Peel Lounge because he had more people to interact with - and different activities to try.

The move has worked really well for Wilf; he's now using Bury Council's bus service to get to and from Grundy Hub two days a week, instead of relying on Maureen to take him. This is great news for Wilf, as he feels more independent and Maureen is also getting a true break from caring for him on those days. Not only is Wilf more independent, but his health and wellbeing has improved - he's even more engaged in activities than ever; he's far more chatty and animated and he's always smiling.


'I love coming to Grundy', he says. The highlights for him are the company, the activities that help to keep his mind and body active, good food (we did ask what his favourite meal from Cuppaccino Bistro is, but he said he couldn't choose!), lots of books - and last but not least, enjoying spending time with the ladies.

All the changes in Wilf's routine at Grundy Hub have been carefully planned with him, and because he's been well supported by staff along the way, they've had a minimal negative impact on him - and some very definitely positive ones.


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