We believe that people deserve social care, which improves their quality of life.  We know that it's unique to every individual, so we tailor our support to what matter to you.


We do this by....


Staying Well

Considering all areas of a person's life and providing signposting and advice where this benefits health and wellbeing.


Whole Family

Seeing the person we support in the context of their family and friends so that we can find solutions which are inclusive and build on natural support.



Supporting people to become as independent as they can and to develop or regain skills where these may have been lost.



Helping people live the life they choose rather than fitting in to what is on offer.



Delivering quality services that people can trust.


Healthy Lifestyles

Encouraging active, healthy lifestyles which improve independence and enhance quality of life.


We provide a range of different support options designed to be flexible to meet the diverse needs of the community. We categorise these as Days, Stays and Lives.

A range of options are available within each area from advice, guidance and signposting, to light touch support right through to 24/7 services to support complex needs, including Bury Shared Lives, which we manage.

Our services can be tailor made to meet your individual needs. We can also provide solutions which cover all three areas, ensuring there is improved continuity and consistency in the support received. For example, we can deliver day support with the option to add in short residential breaks for holidays plus some floating support input to maintain someone within their own home. Three different services with the assurance of consistency and the ease of only dealing with one organisation.


We provide specialist opportunities for:

- young people with additional needs

- people with learning disabilities

- people with physical disabilities

- older people

- people living with dementia

- people with autism.

We also have the specific skills and knowledge needed to support long term conditions and when required to be there at end of life.

In addition, we take a ‘Whole Family’ approach to our business and we make it our priority to make sure we support not only our customers but also their loved ones/ carers, visit our 'Support for Carers' page for more information.

Find out more about Bury Shared Lives service here.


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