We provide tailored support to people who need to stay with us for a period time. This can be to provide a break to a carer, due to a change in living or care arrangements, to assess someone’s abilities or to allow someone to recuperate following illness. It can even be just for a holiday with additional care support attached.

Meals and activities are included within your stay, and we’ll work in partnership with a range of health and social care professionals to ensure that your health and wellbeing needs are managed and supported during your stay. We have a team of skilled staff on site 24/7 that can ensure you have a pleasant stay whilst supporting your needs around medication, personal care and nutrition. In addition, you and your visitors can indulge in our on-site hair and beauty services, as well as enjoying a delicious meal in our bistros*.

We provide specialist opportunities for young people with additional needs, people with learning disabilities, people with physical disabilities, older people, people living with dementia, people with autism, and carers.

We also manage Bury Shared Lives; a unique service that offers tailor made support to vulnerable adults within the Bury area.

You can find out more about the fantastic venues we use to deliver our all inclusive stays, or about Bury Shared Lives, by clicking on the links below: 

  • Spurr House 36 beds specialising in dementia (Unsworth)
  • Elmhurst 27 beds (Whitefield)
  • Woodbury 3 beds designed specifically for people with a learning and/or physical disability and those with autism (Whitefield).
  • Bury Shared Lives

*some services charge separately

You can also visit UK Care Guide for more information on respite care and there is more information on live in care options here, also at UK Care Guide.

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