As a respite carer, you would offer people a break from their normal lives, whether it's to give their usual carer a break or just for a change of scene. It can be a regular or an ad hoc arrangement. Sometimes emergency respite is needed. The support will take place at your home, so the person you support would come to you for each session.

This job role can be flexible unless you decide to have a regular respite placement with a particular person. You might, for example, decide to be available for emergency or one-off respite support.

Even with regular respite placements, this can be a really good way to fit support in around your job, studies or family life while still earning and giving something back.


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Here are examples of what three different people might want from a respite carer with Bury Shared Lives. Please contact us for up to date placement details and to become a carer with us.




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