Bathing maintains the health and physical wellbeing of the body, but as we get older or our mobility decreases and things that are often taken for granted, can become increasingly difficult.

Our gorgeous bathing facilities at Grundy Hub are for those who would love to experience the independence of pampering and relaxation in beautiful surroundings, but don't have the opportunity at home.


With qualified care support, you can enjoy a soak in the specially designed facilities and then socialise with other guests to round off your day of wellbeing.


For more information on Grundy Hub click here, or to book a bathing session for yourself or a loved one, call 0161 253 6555

Find out what Barbara thinks of the bathing service - read her story here.


Persona also provides short-term care for those in need of support, whether it’s to provide a break to a carer, a change in living arrangements, recovery from illness or even a short break from home with a care arrangement included.