Do you want to join us to help support vulnerable adults live their best lives?

Do you want to spend time enriching the lives of others?

Have you got a talent that brings joy to those around you?

Do you want to use your spare time to help a vulnerable adult live their best life?


Here at Persona, that is what we do! Our customers have a range of needs and our support is tailored to what matters the most to these individuals. Along with our tailored care and support, we hope to further improve our customers quality of life through providing meaningful opportunities to develop skills, relationships and connections between our customers and the wider Bury community.

We believe that enhancing relationships with the community and developing and involving a rich and diverse volunteer team/base in the services we provide is invaluable to the company and particularly the users themselves as they bring many new interests, talents and opportunities for more person-centred care to take place, more autonomy to customers to choose what they want to do -  and attract volunteers who can help customers achieve this.

If you are interested in volunteering then please complete an application form and tell us what you would like to do, when and where and we’ll see what opportunities we can find. 

For more information on the areas of volunteering available, please click to read the profiles below:

Gardener, BefrienderCatering AssistantReception / AdministrationSupport Volunteer