Escape Turns One!

Posted on
16 September 2019


"You get such an amazing welcome from the staff and customers when you go into Escape. Such a lot of energy in the room. You can't fault the vibrancy, energy and support that there is going on there. They always have an exciting day planned. Just amazing attention to detail and fantastic person centred care. I can't believe how fast the service has come on and it speaks for itself that they are full already. Well done to the team. Massive, massive praise for what you do every single day. Thank you." –Kat Sowden



The goal was clear: provide a customer led service that can help customers transition from school to their next step into adulthood. What we got was Escape.

Twelve months later and Escape is going from strength to strength. Group leaders Julie's and Dawn's faces beam with pride and excitement thinking about what they have achieved this year and their goals for the future "Escape 2...3...4..." says Dawn. Their ambitions are as big as the smiles were during Escape's birthday party, which was a beach themed funday. They also raised £192.80 for their amenities fund, got to interact with other Persona services and had an awesome time!





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