Gill, who uses our Supported Living service, went for a walk in Nuttall Park during the lockdown in August 2020 when she met Julie and her dog Lola. Gill says Lola ran over to her and she just immediately fell in love.

Ever since, Gill keeps an eye out for Julie and Lola when she walks in the park or occasionally texts Julie to arrange to meet up. Gill opened up and said she’s disappointed when she goes for a walk in the park and doesn’t see Lola.

She shared some memories with us about Lola:

  • one time she was in the passenger seat of Julie's car and Lola climbed from the back to sit on Gill's lap!
  • another memory is that when anyone hugs in front of Lola, she seems to get jealous and starts barking.

We asked why is she so special to Gill and she said: ‘she just has a good temperament and she makes me feel happy every time I see her. I love Lola’.

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