Love Your Pet Day

Posted on
14 February 2024

This Love Your Pet Day, we asked Gill, who is supported by our Supported Living service, and Anna, registered manager at Grundy Hub, to tell us a little bit about their 4-legged friends...


Grundy Hub's Tiger

Since about June 2022, Grundy Hub have had a very special visitor named Tigger, who made himself a second home at the Hub. Tigger isn't Grundy Hub's cat, but lives close-by and likes to spend his time making everyone's day at the Hub. Originally, they called him Mr Grundy as they didn't know his name, until one day he came in with a lovely new collar on and a name tag saying Tigger.

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Gill's Best Friend Lola

A few years ago while enjoying a walk in Nuttall Park, Gill was met by a little dog named Lola. As soon as she had been enthusiastically greeted by Lola, she had fallen in love! Now Gill has a wonderful friendship with owner Julie and sometimes arranges to meet with her for a walk with Lola. When we asked Gill how Lola makes her feel, she said: 'she makes me feel happy every time I see her. I love Lola'.

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