Tigger lives just around the corner from Grundy Hub, but has happily made himself at home in the Hub and has been coming around for 18 months. He comes in pretty much every day at around 10am, only leaving for a short while in the middle of the day before he comes back at around 3pm for a nap in his favourite room, the lounge. When it’s a rainy day, he doesn’t leave Grundy Hub at all! He enjoys staying in the lounge to people-watch and sleeping on one of the chairs closest to the radiator.

Anna, day services and extra care manager, also known as Tigger's favourite person at the Hub, says everybody loves him being there. They’ve bought him toys to play with, but all he wants to do is have a cuddle.

‘I’ve never had a cat like him, he’s so loving’.

Everybody knows him and if he doesn't show up for a day, it causes a lot of upset and worry. When people arrive at Grundy Hub, they ask where he is and people we support from Pinfold Suite even come down to see him as he has a very calming effect on those who feel anxious.

He has even helped people reminisce, encouraging people we support to share stories about pets they once owned.

We hear he’s an attention seeker and comes running if he hears his name being called. For the first few months visiting the Hub, his name was Mr Grundy as he didn’t have a name tag until later. 

Thank you, Tigger for putting a smile on everyone’s faces at Grundy Hub!

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