Meet Richard - The Elms Gardening Volunteer

Posted on
01 September 2023

At The Elms Community Centre, Richard has been volunteering and helping maintain the service's garden. Here's how Richard has been spending his time...


I have been at The Elms Community Centre for nearly 3 months. I wanted to do something to make a difference and I have loved being here! Gardening is a real passion of mine and I love seeing the plants grow from seeds to fully fledged plants.

Currently I volunteer on Wednesdays and Fridays. I arrive around 9.15 and sign in, have a quick catch-up with everybody and then gather the items I need from the shed.

My days vary - I can be painting fences, planting up pots and baskets, weeding, trimming and dead-heading flowers, etc.

I do enjoy volunteering because I like being out in the fresh air and doing something I really enjoy doing!

I feel like I am creating a nice space for people to enjoy and look at the flowers and shrubs. Staff and people attending the centre also help! This gives me a sense of worth and purpose and I feel valued!

When preparing for The Elms festival, I made sure all the garden area was tidy and that all the flowers would be in bloom around the time!

I know that all the staff and people attending the centre have appreciated the work I have done to get it looking like it is!!

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