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06 October 2023

Our PersonAwards 2023 took place at the Fusiliers Museum in Bury and had an autumnal theme.

Congratulations to our winners!


Respectful Award - the Maintenance Team

Enthusiastic Award - Daniel Jackson

Adaptable Award - Escape

Caring Award - John Tuohy

REACH Award - The Elms

Special Recognition Award* - Grundy Hub


*This award replaced the Honest award this year and the winners were chosen from among the finalists by PLT (the Persona Leadership Team).


Guests were greeted with an arrival drink and welcomed into the Minden Suite, which was festooned with fairy lights.


Each table held an arrangement of balloons in rose gold, pearl, gold, black and clear confetti, a sprinking of gems in rose gold and rainbow crystal colours and autumn leaves of red, yellow, orange and brown. Each place setting also had a complimentary raffle ticket and the prizes included:

  • a bouquet from Palmer's florists
  • a Green & Blacks hamper
  • a voucher for our new Zen Room, for a complimentary therapy of the winner's choice
  • a voucher for a 3 night stay at our new holiday home
  • a One For All gift voucher


We were joined by Leader of the Council Eamonn O'Brien, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Health and Wellbeing Councillor Tamoor Tariq and Adrian Crook, director of adult social services and community commissioning. The evening began with a welcome from Kat Sowden, managing director and from Tony Hunter, chair of Persona's board and then guests enjoyed a pie and pea supper and cupcakes by Cuppaccino.


Winners took home a specially designed trophy and giftbag and after the presentation, DJ Macc provided the music and took requests. Soon the dance floor was full and others chatted or had photos taken at the Stephen Redfern Photography photo mirror booth, as people celebrated their wins and enjoyed a catch up.



Congratulations to our winners and finalists and thank you to everyone who took part by nominating and voting.



Our award categories are:


Respectful Award - This is for someone who is aware of their interactions with others and the impact that this may have. They take time to listen with an open mind, take other people’s views on board, communicate politely and treat everyone with dignity.

Enthusiastic Award - This is for someone who takes a positive outlook on everything they do and manages to motivate others along the way. They believe they can achieve anything, are keen to learn new things, have fun along the way and are always reliable.

Adaptable Award - This is for someone who responds positively to change and alters their approach to fit the situation, whatever this may be. When they are faced with something that needs doing differently they roll up their sleeves and adapt to what the person or situation requires.

Caring Award - This is for someone who is a true caring champion. It’s about the extra attention to detail that makes the difference, such as knowing what matters to someone, remembering things that make someone smile, taking the time to check in on someone, or taking a genuine interest in others.

REACH Award - This is for someone who is a top 2%er and who puts the values into practice each day. They are your ‘go to’ team member who is flexible and reliable and nothing is ever too much. They really do demonstrate a ‘can do’ attitude and always go the extra mile to achieve the best possible outcomes.