Our holiday lodge has a name! After numerous brilliant suggestions from our Persona Your Voice Committee and wider across Persona, thanks to Louisa Marshall at Elmhurst for the suggestion. Our lodge is called...

REACH Retreat!

This captures both the purpose of the lodge and our values perfectly.

During December 2023, we purchased a number of items for REACH Retreat to make sure our guests have a comfortable stay. Gill and Verity, members of the Person Your Voice Committee, helped us design the lodge and purchase the soft furnishings. 

They spent a day out shopping, visiting Dunelm and enjoying some lunch in their café.

Then Macc joined us and our Maintenance Team for a day at the lodge unpacking everything, building furniture and getting things in place ready for the first holiday bookings to arrive. The lodge looks fabulous; there are lots of creature comforts and some specific equipment in one of the rooms to ensure it is accessible for someone requiring a profiling bed and hoist.

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