I went in to see a new customer Lilly this morning to see how she was settling in and she asked if she could tell me something, she said someone asked her yesterday would she mind if a man washed her and she said she had no issues. She then said “the gentleman that washed me was wonderful, he was so nice to me, he spoke to me all the way through and he took good care and washed my back really good, I really love it here, I never knew it was going to be so nice, everyone has been so nice and welcoming to me but the man who washed me was just truly wonderful”. I’ve passed on these lovely words to the staff member she means: Robbie Lee J


I write to you regarding my father, Roger Hartley, who sadly passed away last Thursday. I would like to express my sincerest thanks to ALL of your staff who cared for him whilst he was at Elmhurst. It has been a very difficult time and not being able to visit him has been very hard. When I last visited him just before Christmas with my wife, sister and niece, I was so greatly comforted seeing how well he was cared for by all of you and I knew, above all, that he was safe and the happiest he could be. You have not only cared so well for him but given him so much dignity and kindness in his final months. Please pass on my sincerest thanks to everyone who was involved in caring for my father. God bless you. Crispin 


My husband Michael who has Alzheimer's has just come home after his first stay at Elmhurst. On his behalf as well as my own I would like thank all the staff there for taking such good care of him. They are wonderful caring people and he was safe and happy it's eased any anxiety I had about leaving him while I had a break and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this short stay facility. Many thanks Hazel.


You and all the staff did an amazing job supporting Gran in her various stays but especially in her final months. I will be forever grateful of the care, compassion and the dignified manner that you supported her. From all the WhatsApp calls, to celebrating her Birthday and being with her in her final days, never leaving her side it made it a bit easier knowing that she wasn’t alone. I know now she is in a better place and with my Grandad which is what she wanted. OK tearing up now so last bit, thank you for also being fantastic with me, even when I couldn’t hold it together and being the awesome service that you are. Please pass on my thanks to the staff.

John and Eileen

I’d like to thank you all for the care and support given to mum (Eileen Ruscoe) during her stay at Elmhurst.
Myself and the rest of the family particularly appreciate the care given to mum during the isolation and monitoring when tested positive for C-19 which must have been a worrying time for the caregivers coming into regular contact. Since Eileen’s move to Kilalea she continued to improve her walking and general mobility, even surprising and surpassing the expectations of the physio team. 
Mum does mention her stay at Elmhurst and is grateful for all the care given and shown during her stay at a very unusual time for everyone. Mum particularly enjoyed the companionship of the other residents and particularly the couple of sessions of arts and crafts which she really enjoyed and was a sure sign of her further recovery. Once again thank you apologies for taking so long to get back to you but writing is something I keep putting off.
Best wishes to all.

Emanuel (on discharge)

“would you please tell the management and staff of this home that I send my warmest heart felt thank you to them all, the staff who have helped me in this home have been amazing and I could not fault one thing in my stay here, I have really enjoyed my stay thank you.”


Many thanks for looking after Mum during this difficult time, your staff, especially Sue & Anne-Marie are so lovely to her and they always make us feel very welcome in your home and clearly care for Mum. Hope everyone there is safe and well, and getting used to this “New norm” way of life! Many thanks again. 


Thank you all staff at Elmhurst for the very high level of care you are providing for my mum. The love and respect I’ve witnessed looking through the window when staff don’t even know I’m there moves me to tears, thank you so much. .


On behalf of my mother Barbara and all the family. We would like to officially place on record our eternal gratitude for the care, love, and humour you have all shown to us over the past months. We will never forget the compassion all the staff have shown. Initially I was going to attempt to name the carer's, seniors, reception staff everybody that we had come into contact with. But I would have been horrified to miss any individual when you were all truly our heroes. This letter seems so inadequate to convey our feelings when emotions are so strong all I am trying to say is THANK YOU with all our hearts. Brett.


If it was not for the staff of Spurr House and presently Elmhurst House I most probably will not be writing this. It is with great appreciation and relief that I will never again think that there is no light at the end of the deep dark tunnel. If it was not for the two care homes namely Spurr House and Elmhurst staff who were my champions and my strength I would by now lost the will to live. Thanks N.H.S. Especially the management and staff of the care homes I have had the pleasure to be in. Thank you and God Bless. Peggy Thomas. 

Mike, Sue and family

To all the dedicated staff and carers at Elmhust. Mike and I would like to thank you for caring and looking after our mum for the last three months, and over the past 6 years. It was a difficult time for us, but you always made us so welcome and reassured every day . We will miss Elmhurst and seeing you all. Love Mike and Sue (and family)


Audrey and Ruth, customer and family

A big thank you to all the staff at Elmhurst. Audrey has really enjoyed her stay due to the excellent care and kindness of all those who have looked after her, and the warmth and kindness of all those who have looked after her, and the warmth and friendliness of the staff has been very much appreciated by her relatives furing their visits, Best wishes Audrey and Ruth


David, customer

Thank you to everyone who looked after me so well while I stayed 8 nights at Elmhurst, especially as I wasn’t always the most pleasant person to look after as I wasn’t well – you all soon cheered me up


Agnes Mary Johnson, customer, and family  

To all the staff at Elmhurst,  You are brilliant. A big thank you for all your help, care and support during my stay. Love and best wishes from Agnes.


Wendy, customer

Many thanks for all the care and attention I have recieved. 
I am now feeling much stronger and able to enjoy the thought of looking after myself. Love Wendy and family 


The family of Vince Regan

To all the staff at Elmhurst,  Thank you for looking after my daddy, love Vince Regan's family. 


Sue and David Perkin, customer’s daughter and son-in-law.

Many, many thanks for taking so much care of my mum, your kindness and care that you have given to her has been wonderful. Myself and my husband very much appreciate all that you have done for her. Also the quickness of your response to mum when she was taken poorly has been fantastic. Thank you for all the care and attention you have given to us. Many thanks once again.


Janice and Sue, customer's family members

Thank you sooooo much for looking after Michael and keeping him safe in our time of need. We cannot tell you how much we appreciate it - you have all been stars Janice and Sue.


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