Lucy's New Direction

Posted on
22 November 2021

As we already know, Lucy loves animals and has a great drive to find her perfect job. When her role at a local dairy farm ended (read more about this here) Lucy's next adventure was not far behind.

While she was on Universal Credit, she had expressed an interest in gardening and was volunteering at Bleakholt Animal Sanctuary, which she really enjoyed. Then Bleakholt advertised for a gardening Kickstart role, which Lucy applied for - and got!

"My job is gardening and cleaning, mowing, strimming, weeding, hedge cutting and painting inside when it’s raining. I work with another Kickstarter, Peter" Lucy says. "My favourite part of working at Bleakholt is mowing the grass but I enjoy every part of the job I do. All the staff are very friendly."

Dan, Lucy's supervisor, told us "They are such hard workers and have made such a difference at Bleakholt."

So what are Lucy's plans for the end of her six month placement?

"My dream job would be working on a farm with animals, but I would like to stay at Bleakholt if possible because I really enjoy my job." 



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