Michelle: Why voting is important and what it's like

Posted on
03 June 2024

Michelle, who's supported by Bury Shared Lives, voted in the May 2024 local elections and told us why she thinks it's important:

'I wanted to vote so I had a chance to have a say. I never used to think about voting, but I think it’s important for the people to have their say and vote, as it is us that will be affected. 

Before I decided who to vote for I saw policies and what the parties stand for on the tv and chose through what was most relevant and important to me. I learnt that there are more parties that aren’t broadcasted as much as the others and that they have good policies too. I have previously spoken to someone who works for the one of the parties at the council, and they have helped me when I have needed it so I decided to vote. 

I have seen campaigns on social media and on tv but I can’t read the manifestos as I would need these in an easy read guide that is simpler to understand with pictures. I think that would help other people too because it is difficult to understand what each party stands for.

I had already registered to vote on the electoral role, so on polling day I had a three minute walk to the community centre and I went with my Shared Lives Carer, Mandy. We went shopping afterwards is it only took a few minutes - it's really quick to vote.

When I got to the polling station I went to the counter and gave my name. I had to show my ID and they gave me a ballot slip. This is a piece of paper that has all the parties on and a box next to their name so you can put a X next to who you want to vote for.

Usually people go into a little booth to vote by themselves as it is private. Mandy explained to the poll clerks that I have difficulty seeing, so they let her come with me to help me tick the box I wanted to vote for.

I was pleased I voted, it made me feel glad I got to go and do it.

I might vote in the general election in July 2024, I need to find out what each party stands for first before I decide.

If you're thinking about voting, my advice would be I would say take your time to find a policy that you agree with and start to think about it before the time comes so you can vote for something you're confident in and research all the parties before you decide.'


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