Below is a selection of some recent compliments that we have received.


  • To all the staff at Elmhurst - Thank you for all your kindness towards Brian in 2023. I know when I leave Brian with you he is so well looked after. I can enjoy my respite. These stays with you gives me the strength to go on. I could not do it without your support. God bless you all - Ann
  • All your staff were wondeful. Very professional, friendly and helpful. Cannot recommend enough. My stay here was lovely and the food was delicious.
  • I’ve stayed in many respite places and hated them – I asked not to be sent to any more. I can’t remember how I found out about Elmhurst but the kindness, lovingness, goodness, care and help of everyone there is phenomenal – I don’t want to go home. They help me have a shower and get dressed and don’t make me feel embarrassed. Nothing’s too much trouble – they really run around to make sure you’ve got everything you need. - from Lily
  • To all the staff at Elmhurst. Thank you for another year of keeping my mum safe, well and loved and for all your hardwork. Ireally do appreciate everything you do for my mum and I really hope 2022 is a much better year. Lots of Love Kym and Sue
  • Thank you for taking care of Tony during his short stays. Very much appreciated. From Mary and his family
  • Compliments about a craft activity at Elmhurst: "Karen brings out the very best in the people she gets to create beautiful pieces such as this one”, Margaret, via Instagram. " Look at this - it's beautiful! And yes, we agree it's about the process and the journey, enjoying being creative anad seeing where it takes you." Arts in Care Homes, via social media. "Absoloutely love the lolly pop stick collage - fantastic!" NAPA Living Life, via social media
  • Good morning, thanks for my mums weekend stay, she was so bright when I picked her up yesterday. This weekend was to see how she went on and because it went well and she didn’t appear to miss home (the opposite by the sounds of it ????) I’m confident for her to stay again for a week. Many thanks again, Ann 
  • Thank you to you and your team for supporting myself and my dad Alan during his stay at Elmhurst, allowing me and my family to go away and not worry. I really appreciate it. Thanks Nicola
  • To Alice and all the carers at Elmhurst. Thank you for looking after John. Your care and understanding is very much appreciated. See you again soon. With thanks Jacqueline & John.
  • To all the wonderful staff, Just a quick note to say thank you for all the care and love you have given to Sheila over the past few months, you have all been absolutely amazing. With heartfelt gratitude. Graham, Paula, Olivia, Jack and Raymond 
  • My mother was taken into care on the 27/02/21 for one month and then onto a permanent care home. My mother was tired and frail when we admitted her and had lost her usual chirp and had to be arm-linked to walk safely. Although it was a sad day for our family and many tears shed, the staff at Elmhurst greeted her as a long-lost relative, they put my sister and me at ease and were completely professional with a friendly approach. Everything was explained to us in detail and although we never actually entered the building because of the flu we had plenty of window visits and noticed how mum was becoming much happier and physically stronger over the weeks. Mum suffers from dementia but did manage to remember some of her activities, over the month mum would cut our visits short because she wanted to get back to the activities, this, of course, made us feel great about her care but unfortunately, she had to move on. Lovely place and brilliant staff - person we support's daughter
  • I wanted to thankyou everyone for making her mother day one of the most special Mother’s Day she has had. Besides the 2 visits all the mothers, nana, grandmas, and even great grandmas got spoilt with lots of treats and flowers. All residents even got a little Mother’s Day performance on the keyboard from Lawrence, someone we are supporting. 2021 Mother’s Day has truly been one to remember - Christine
  • I went in to see a Lilly this morning to see how she was settling in and she asked if she could tell me something, she said someone asked her yesterday would she mind if a man washed her and she said she had no issues. She then said “the gentleman that washed me was wonderful, he was so nice to me, he spoke to me all the way through and he took good care and washed my back really good, I really love it here, I never knew it was going to be so nice, everyone has been so nice and welcoming to me but the man who washed me was just truly wonderful”. I’ve passed on these lovely words to the staff member she means.



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