World Values Day 2020

Posted on
12 October 2020

World Values Day is an annual campaign to increase the awareness and practice of values around the world. It provides an opportunity to think on our most deeply held values and explore and act on them with others.

The theme this year is Values In Action, which is something everyone at Persona has been demonstrating this year more than ever. Our values are the principles by which we behave to everyone around us including customers, colleagues, carers, family members and other professionals and they form a part of our recruitment process and we wear them on our lanyards every day.



For our fifth birthday this month, each member of staff was gifted a REACH badge to thank them for the many ways in which they have gone above and beyond in their efforts to provide the best care while supporting people to live their best life.


We have seen staff members volunteering to isolate with customers, or moving in to help them transition from other services. We've had colleagues perform and write songs to keep people's spirits up and a wealth of creativity across the services which you can see here, not including the Easter and scarecrow competitions and our annual bake off.


Francine, who works at Spurr House Short Stay, wrote a beautiful blog about how the values are represented in their garden; you can read that here.



We've also asked Kat Sowden, Managing Director, to share her thoughts on how everyone at Persona has shown their values in action this year; click on the image to hear what she has to say: