Kyle's Bury 10k Update - Why did it rain the opposite way round?

Posted on
04 September 2018

I am on my journey to the 10K run / walk (whichever I choose to do on the day)!

This will be my first time running a long distance, other than sports days, I don’t do much running. I am a keen swimmer, and I go swimming regularly between 3 and 4 times per week.

I set myself the challenge when asked by the team captain, John, to run the 10K, because it would be a new and a great, excellent challenge for me to be able to complete, with my colleagues. I have completed some walking training, with the odd run here and there, but nothing as lengthy as what the 10K is going to be. As a team, we did a practice run on Bury Athletics Track, when it poured down with rain! Afterwards though, the weather brightened up, I thought to myself why on earth, did it rain the opposite way round? However, I enjoyed the practice run on the athletics track, and got to meet some new and familiar faces from around the Persona company. Also, I have been walking to a further bus stop from home, when I catch the bus, to get a feel, to get ready for the 10K.

I am really looking forward to running the 10K on Sunday 16th September, and I believe this to be a great cause to raise money for Bleakholt Animal Sanctuary.  Here's the link to our Just Giving page.

I’m doing it this year, could you do it next year?

If you'd like to read more about the team challenge, click here.