People volunteer for many reasons – to ‘give something back,’ help others in their community, meet new people, try something new or develop new skills. Volunteers can be any age from any background. They might be studying, unable to work, seeking asylum, looking for work, working or retired. They might also be given time off to volunteer by their employers.

Whatever the reason, volunteering can have a huge impact on your health and wellbeing, build strength in communities and bring people from different backgrounds together. 

We believe that volunteering can really enhance the support that we provide as it's an opportunity for people we support to have meaningful and fulfilling contact with a wide range of people with different skills and experiences. We are also passionate about ensuring that our volunteers get something positive and meaningful out of their experience and we will take the time to understand the reasons behind your volunteering so that we can ensure we enable you to achieve your goals during your time with us.

We recognise that people have really busy lives, so any time that someone can offer is valuable to us. It may be that you are only looking to volunteer for a small amount of time each week or for a short period of time. We will do our best to work with what you are able to offer and match you to a suitable volunteer opportunity.